Deep Dive: Learning for PK-12 Specialists (Art, Music, PE) Educators (August 2)

Deep Dive: Learning for PK-12 Specialists (Art, Music, PE) Educators (August 2)

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Date of this session: Mon. August 2, 2021

Our 4-hour synchronous sessions will be held from 8:00AM-12:00PM (New York time).  Not sure what time it is in your region? Check the time zone converter.

     This session is designed specifically related to teaching PK-12 Art, Music, and Physical Education curriculum divided into five modules:

    • Curriculum & Instruction: Examine student-centered pedagogical approaches and instructional practices for synchronous and asynchronous activities.
    • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice: Delve into teacher competencies that promote culturally responsive teaching.
    • Assessment & Feedback: Share formative and summative assessment practices for F2F, online, and hybrid environments.
    • Social Emotional Learning: Explore ways to mitigate and address the social and emotional needs of all learners.
    • Virtual Learning: Harvest the collective knowledge of the group around best practices and resources for virtual teaching.

    * This session will use both Canvas and Zoom.

    Meet the Presenters:

    Antoinette Blain

    Antoinette Blain (she/her) is an educator, coach, and leader in visual and expressive art education, with over 25 years experience. Originally from London, UK, Antoinette has built up a wealth of experience and passion for inclusive, creative and forward-thinking arts pedagogy. Her teaching and leadership experience is global, having taught in the UK, the Netherlands, Italy, and now Kenya at both local and world-renowned international schools, including a United World College and Aga Khan Academy. From teacher to department head, to vice principal and now coach, Antoinette has been instrumental in driving forward arts education in both the British curriculum and across all three International Baccalaureate program (PYP, MYP and DP) with her concept-based approaches and innovative processes. In addition, Antoinette is a certified IB workshop leader and school visitor. Antoinette is also a mother of two, avid reader, conscientious traveller and frequent gallery-goer with a fearless drive, open mind and sense of justice that inspires people in both her personal and professional life. 

    Dominique Dalais

    Dominique Dalais is a physical and health education international educator of over 25 years experience. I am an IB MYP physical and health education teacher as well as an IB DP Sports, exercise and health science teacher. I work for the IB as a workshop leader, MYP BQC reviewer and am on the review team for IB MYP PHE. I am also an author of MYP by concept physical and health education book coming out in 2022. I have recently trained as a Racial equity facilitator and am the current chair of diversity, equity and inclusion at the ACS Schools in the UK and Qatar. 

    Kimberly Sheppard 

    Kimberly Sheppard is a music educator currently living in Shenzhen, China and teaching at Shekou International School (SIS). She teaches primary music, including general music, choir and drama within the PYP framework. She utilizes a variety of approaches, including Orff, Kodaly and Dalcroze to create a blended and continuously evolving curriculum. She is an advocate for making music through exploration, movement and play. Her education philosophy includes cultivating meaningful and unique musical experiences for her students while incorporating students' independent interests, voice and choice. Kim is currently going into her 15th year of teaching.