Deep Dive 3: PK-12 Math Educators (July 15)
Deep Dive 3: PK-12 Math Educators (July 15)
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Deep Dive 3: PK-12 Math Educators (July 15)

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Date of this Session: July 15th, 2020

Time of this Session: 8AM-12PM New York Time • 1PM-5PM London Time • 8PM-12AM Shanghai Time

How do we make fair and effective assessments online and ensure academic honesty? Come explore a variety of ways to integrate virtual learning in your classroom from integrating hands-on learning with manipulatives to modeling math processes and skills with doc cameras. This session will be co-facilitated by ISS educators and specific content experts from international schools.

Participants will actively engage in virtual learning that can be transferred into the classroom, no matter what the context. Additionally, all participants will have the opportunity to work in smaller group sessions that align to their specific grade level, content area, and pedagogical beliefs.

This 4-hour deep dive session for Math educators will focus on the following key areas:

  • Hybrid Learning: This first section focuses on exploring a multitude of pedagogical approaches and instructional practices for synchronous and asynchronous activities in PreK-12 mixed groups.
  • Online Assessment: The second section focuses on the formative and summative assessment of online learning. Breakout group discussions sorted by divisions (ES, MS, HS).
  • Building Community: This section focuses on building community and finding new ways to increase engagement and motivation with online learners in mixed PreK-12 breakout discussions.
  • Grading & Reporting: This next section focuses on small group discussions centered on the grading and reporting practices that are unique to each participant. Breakout group discussions sorted by divisions (ES, MS, HS) and various reporting practices (SBG, P/F, letter, IB 1-7).
  • Resources & Tools: Our final section focuses on harvesting the collective knowledge of the group. In this section, we will share resources and tools that specifically apply to our given content areas.

**When registering, be sure to register using the same email you use for Zoom or you will not be able to attend the Deep Dive. If you are registering someone else for this Deep Dive, use the attendee's name and email address.

Meet the Presenters

Beth Terry

Math Coach, Riffa Views International School

In over 20 years of mathematics education, Beth Terry’s roles have included classroom teacher, mathematics coach, independent consultant, and private tutor. Whether virtually or face-to-face, Beth empowers educators to provide engaging and equitable mathematics instruction and seeks to ignite the curiosity of young mathematicians. When time allows, she enjoys reading, traveling with her family, and listening to live music (preferably outside).

Jill Broderick

MS Math Teacher, Singapore American School

Jill Broderick is passionate about using technology to support equity, flexibility, and creativity in math. She is a “Google for Education Certified Innovator” who is striving to change the narrative of math education, having 11 years of experience teaching MS math. Outside the classroom, she enjoys reading, trivia, travel, and hanging out with her sausage dog, Ispíní von Weenie.