Site Security Operations and Risk Management Workshop (April 27, May 4, 11)

Site Security Operations and Risk Management Workshop (April 27, May 4, 11)

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Dates of this Three-Part Workshop: April 27, May 4, 11

Times of Each of the Sessions: 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM New York Time

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This session is available for $450 per school and includes up to three attendees per school team.

ISS School Operations presents a three-part interactive workshop in school site security and risk management. The workshops teach relevant strategies to improve your school’s secure working environment. In a world with increasingly challenging global security situations, it is important to hold the safety and security of your students and staff at the highest priority. Join us and Shield Corporate Security Managing Director, Amit Bar-Giora, to harness your skills and knowledge in site security operations, risk management, and strategy. This workshop is designed for Operations Managers, Security Managers,  Heads of School, Principals, Business Managers, and those seeking to enhance their professional skill set.

This series also offers an interactive workbook which will be provided at the first workshop.

Part 1: Site Security Operation

Amit Bar-Giora will empower the participant to focus on the security of installations and learn to provide an adequate site and personnel protection. This workshop looks at the basics of site security operations and how functional elements of the plan work together to achieve the goal. The workshop teaches critical security strategies, access control, routine operations, and building a capable security team.

Key topics include:

  • The basics of site security
  • How to best apply your security resources
  • Critical security procedures
  • Key factors in site security - routines, tactical positioning, deterrence, awareness
  • Access control
  • Designing an effective operational plan

Part 2: Risk Management and Security Audits

A key feature in security operations is the assessment of risk. In this second workshop, the participant will enhance their ability to identify risk and build a risk matrix to help prioritize their security resources. The learner will focus on the security of installations and gain awareness of threats relevant to their sites. The course addresses the core components of an operational security audit and how to conduct one.

Key topics include:

  • The difference between safety risk and security risk
  • Legal responsibility for the management of risk and where to focus our efforts
  • What is a risk, analysis of the threat, vulnerability, and consequences
  • How incorrect risk planning can result in failure
  • Audits as a tool to measure security standards
  • Different types of audits you can use to test your operation

Part 3: General Security Operations Framework

In this third & final session, participants will learn and recognize the key elements of security management structure. You will learn about the challenges the position holds and the best tactics to apply when working in an organizational structure. This course provides key strategies to implement when managing security staff with the aim to improve staff performance.

Key topics include:

  • Security managers: role description and challenges
  • Security as a part of an organizational structure; how to achieve positive security results in the workplace
  • Key elements of managing security staff and security operations
  • Governing legislation of the security industry; codes and standards
  • Practical security audits that can help effectively monitor the operations

Meet the Presenter

Amit Bar Giora, Managing Director at Shield Corporate Security and counter Terrorism Security specialist and trainer. Amit has more than 20 years of international operational experience. He has also performed operational roles at the Israeli Security Agency.